Dispenser for Hygienic Bathroom Tissue

The Kimberly Clark Hygienic Bathroom Tissue Dispenser offers single sheet dispensing. It has a sleek and contemporary look with an easy-clean finish.

It offers a seamless solution for accessing and maintaining bathroom tissue with ease. Whether in commercial settings, public restrooms, or the comfort of your home, this dispenser ensures a consistent supply of hygienic bathroom tissue.

It is well-designed for durability and convenience, it minimizes waste and clutter by delivering the right amount of tissue every time. The touchless operation adds an extra layer of cleanliness by reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Refilling the dispenser is a breeze, ensuring a continuous supply of tissue.

Product Design:

*338mm x 169mm x 123mm

*Made with ABS plastic

*Wall mounted installation

*Comes with locking and key