Dispenser for Jumbo Roll Tissue

The ScottĀ® Control toilet tissue dispenser is a more hygienic dispenser versus conventional jumbo roll tissue dispenser. The toilet roll dispenser is fully enclosed to increase washroom hygiene, protecting the rolls against cross-contamination and ensuring users only touch the sheet they use.

The Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser is the epitome of convenience and efficiency for high-traffic restrooms. This innovative dispenser is designed to seamlessly accommodate jumbo-sized rolls, ensuring an extended supply of tissue. With a straightforward design and easy maintenance, it minimizes the need for frequent refills, reducing downtime and disruptions.

The touchless operation promotes cleanliness and hygiene by minimizing contact and cross-contamination. Its sleek, modern design complements any restroom decoration.

Size31.3cm (L) x 30.7cm (W) x 12.7cm (D)