SCOTT® Luxury Foam Fragrance and Dye Free Skin Cleanser

If you’re looking to help merge class and sanitization for your business, then the Scott Luxury Foam Fragrance & Dye Free Skin Cleanser is your best bet. By combining the disinfecting capabilities of a high-quality dye-free skin cleanser formulation with an alluring luxury foam fragrance, this product is a must-have for any establishment that takes customer and staff experiences seriously.

  • High capacity 1liter content translates to 2,500 shots/pumps/dispensing for reduced maintenance and monitoring.
  • Only 0.4ml per shot/pump/dispensing, for the ultimate in cost-effectiveness for soap.
  • Integral pump calibrates the exact amount of dispensing every time.
  • Cassette comes with a new pump per refill replacement, hence no leaks, no clogs, no mess.
  • Hygienically sealed cassettes eliminate contamination and do away with the need to dilute or refill.
  • Biodegradable soap will not block or clog drains.
  • Sloping dispenser design for easier, one-wipe cleaning, and prevents items from being placed on top.
  • Hidden, key-less lock, so no more lost keys, while maintaining security.
  • Compact, impact-resistant dispenser resists most types of user abuse.
  • Contains 2500 pumps per cassette
Quantity per Pack1 Cassette = 1000ml (2500 pumps)
Quantity per Case1 Case = 6 Cassettes